A table, a chair, a closet, no exit. The world in which this man was born seems very modest at first view. Obviously different rules apply here, but this you can only know if you have been already somewhere else. He was never somewhere else. As he begins to question the reality of his life, it nearly seems that there is, next to objects that come alive and a small bugging fly which he shares the room with, an imperceptible power that is playing a perfidious game with him. Yet who is holding the threads in the end is even surprising for himself.

“Janus” is a strange, circensic, magic, humorous, Kafkaesque psycho-thriller, which includes especially one thing: hats.


Duration: 60 min

Performer: Michael Zandl

Special FX: Tom Henden

Director: Matthias Romir


9 min

In biology ‘Mimicry’ describes the close resemblance of an organism to a different organism, such that it benefits from the mistaken identity. But not only in the animal world things are not always what they seem to be.

In ‘Mimicry’ the artist wants to give the audience an insight into another world. A world that is a little bit strange, full of illusions, surprises and primarily consisting out of one thing, hats. But these objects are not always what they appear to be and you could almost think, that some of them have their own mind.

Cyr Wheel

6 min

The Nutcracker

2,5 min

Catch that Tune

Selected for YOUNG STAGE Festival 2017 in Basel


Saxophone: Vitus Denifl


6 min

Skate Club

5 min



Cie Bufo

Hat Manipulation Trio

with Liza van Brakel and Joana Martinho


8 min


Customized Acts