Creation 2023-25



FOOD  (working title) will be an engaging circus performance that explores the effects of human consumption on our environment and society.


This creation marks the fourth full-length circus piece by Michael Zandl and is the second show as a ‘House Maker’ with Korzo Theater. For this performance, Michael will be stepping off the stage to make his directorial debut.

The performance will feature a collective of four circus artists who will explore the theme of relentless human consumption and its profound effects on our environment and society. This exploration will be brought to life through a  blend of disciplines, including object manipulation, acrobatics, and illusion theater, all woven together with physical storytelling.


FOOD promises to be a fresh and captivating circus performance, engaging audiences with its unique mixture of artistic elements and a subtle sense of humor.



concept/director: Michael Zandl

artists/co-authors: Fidel Rott, Hedvig Brodén, Jakob Vöckler & Karin Brodén

artistic advice: Dennis Molendijk

outside eye: Sara Sguotti

sound design: Victor Maillard & Ildikó Horváth

light design: Lisette van der Linden

stage design and effects: Michael Zandl & Philipp Dünnwald

production: Mirjam Zwanenburg (Korzo)

producer: Korzo

co-producers: Perplx, Winterfest Salzburg, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof & CirkLabo

distribution: Klaartje Brouns (JE BURO)

residencies: Dynamo Workspace, De Warande, Dommelhof, Latitude50, Tent Amsterdam & Red Sapata