Duration: 60 min
Performer: Michael Zandl

Special FX: Tom Henden
Director: Matthias Romir


upcoming dates:



31.8.2019            Jonglierconvention Traun

5.-7.9.2019          Fringe Festival, Amsterdam
28.9.2019            Korzo, Den Haag



A table, a chair, a closet, no exit. The world in which this man was born seems very modest at first view. Obviously different rules apply here, but this you can only know if you have been already somewhere else. He was never somewhere else. As he begins to question the reality of his life, it nearly seems that there is, next to objects that come alive and a small bugging fly which he shares the room with, an imperceptible power that is playing a perfidious game with him. Yet who is holding the threads in the end is even surprising for himself.

“Janus” is a strange, circensic, magic, humorous, Kafkaesque psycho-thriller, which includes especially one thing: hats.

Photo: Peter van Heesen
Photo: Peter van Heesen

Photo: Peter van Heesen
Photo: Peter van Heesen